April 19, 2015

Knitting Machine Patterns

How to Convert Hand Knit Patterns into Knitting Machine Patterns

There are many benefits to using a knitting machine to create your knitted goods at home. For example, you can finish large knitting projects in a few hours rather than in a few days it would take you to hand knit the same project. While there are plenty of intimidating features to transition to when learning the knitting machine, a big advantage is that you can use some of your favorite basic hand knitting patterns for your first few projects. Basic hand knitting patterns that do not use complicated stitches, cables, or other patterns are very simple to convert to knitting machine patterns without any extra work. If you have a few basic stockinette stitch patterns that you would like to try on your new knitting machine, read on for how to … [Read More...]

Machine Knitting

Why Machine Knitting – The Essential Facts You Need To Consider

While most knitters are dedicated to hand knitting, machine knitting is a great way to become fast efficient, and accurate in your work. The knitting hobbyist may not find much of a use for a knitting machine, but if you knit in order to make money, or make garments for your family, you may want to consider this purchase. Many large manufacturers use machines for knit fabrics, but you can also find knitting machines intended for household use. Not only will you be able to easily figure out the ins and outs of using your machine at home, but also you’ll be able to quickly create knitted goods without working day and night on each project. Benefits of Using a Knitting Machine Many hand knitters despise the idea of machine knitting, and … [Read More...]

Vogue Knitting

Why You Must Subscribe To Knitting Magazines (and the best ones)

Knitting magazines are a great way to learn more about the world of knitting. Like any other magazines focused on crafting, there are a variety of topics covered that are of special interest to knitters. Regardless of your experience level with knitting or other fiber crafts, reading magazines about the craft can inspire and teach you. You can find information in these magazines that you’ve never learned, such as tips and tricks, brand new patterns, fun new product reviews, and many more. If you’ve never subscribed to a magazine dedicated to knitters, you may want to consider adding one or two to your monthly reading list, just for fun. Why Knitters Love Magazines If you’ve never perused a magazine for knitters before, you don’t know … [Read More...]


How to Use Knitting Fabrics

Knitting fabrics are a great alternative to woven fabrics, especially when making winter clothes and accessories. While you can create hats, sweaters, socks, and other knit goods by knitting them on needles, many companies use knit fabrics and sew up the clothing instead. Regardless of how the garment is made, it basically looks the same, and these garments are very popular for a variety of goods. If you have seen some great knit fabrics in the store that capture your attention, maybe you want to know what you can make with them, or maybe you want to know how to use them. Either way, continue reading for plenty of ideas and instructions on using these fabrics. Garments Made with Knitting Fabrics There are many garments that work … [Read More...]

Knitting Instruction Books

How to Find Knitting Instructions

There are many ways to find knitting instructions when you first start out. You can purchase books, pay for classes, or look online for websites dedicated to teaching new knitters. How you choose to learn to knit depends on your budget, free time, and learning style. Some people get frustrated trying to watch someone knit while others can’t figure out the techniques without watching it being performed. With that in mind, the first thing you need to do is figure out your learning style and budget, and go from there. Will you prefer to watch someone else knit or would you rather a book? Learn to Knit from a Friend or Teacher Usually, first-hand lessons are the best way to learn to knit. If you have a friend, mother, or grandmother that … [Read More...]

Beginners Knitting Kits

What to Find in a Knitting Kit

There are many different types of knitting kits available on the market today, to suit many different purposes. You may be wondering why you might need one, and if you’ve been knitting for a number of years, you probably don’t. However, while many of these kits are intended for newer knitters, there are sets available for everyone. Whether you are learning the craft for the first time, getting ready for a big trip, or picking up a gift for a crafty friend of yours, there are many reasons to purchase a knitting kit. Depending on what you’re looking for, you can find the kit to meet your needs at most craft stores or online. Here are some of the most common kits that can be found in stores. Beginners Knitting Kits There are many kits … [Read More...]

General knitting Tips

My Favorite Websites for Knitting Help

While knitting is an age-old craft, there are many people today that struggle to find reliable knitting help when they first start out. Even if you know someone personally that can knit, not everyone has the ability to successfully teach the skill to a new knitter! Luckily, we live in a day and age where everything we need can be found on the internet. If you find yourself struggling through knitting techniques, there are plenty of websites available that offer a wide array of knitting help. Read on to find out some of my favorite knitting websites offering help for new and experienced knitters alike. Top Knitting Websites to Add to Your Favorites Today there are so many options when it comes to anything on the internet. There is no … [Read More...]

Knitting for Charity

Knitting for Charity: Organizations that Help the Less Fortunate

Knitting for charity is a great way that many knitters have found to give back with their time. Some knitters love to create items for themselves or their families, which is rewarding in its own way. However, there are some knitters with the urge to go above and beyond with their stitching and have begun knitting for charity. These knitters have found organizations that support causes close to their hearts and have chosen to help out in a substantial way. No matter what your skill level is, knitting for charity can be a great way to help others in need with your craft. The first step is deciding whom you want to help. Why Choose Knitting for Charity While it is fun and rewarding to use your knitting as a way to create clothing and … [Read More...]

Advanced Knitting Techniques

Advanced Knitting Techniques for Experienced Knitters

Once you’ve been knitting for a while, you’ll find that the basic knitting techniques are second nature. If you’re wondering whether you’re ready for advanced knitting techniques, you probably are. Once you’ve begun searching out patterns written for more experienced knitters or changing up a more basic pattern, you’ll know you’re ready. This is how you know you’ve become an advanced knitter. At this point you’ll be ready for some more advanced knitting techniques to expand your knitting repertoire. Some fun advanced knitting techniques to try include knitting cables, lace or knitting with double pointed needles. Knitting Cables Cable knitting is the technique of crossing one group of stitches over another on your needles. Cabling … [Read More...]

Knitting Glossary

The Beginners Knitting Glossary

Most knitting patterns use a lot of abbreviations and phrases that only experienced knitters will know. As a beginner knitter, it can be extremely helpful to have a knitting glossary handy to help you read your first few patterns. You shouldn’t need to keep a glossary on hand for too long, since the abbreviations are pretty simple, but it is helpful while you get used to the common knitting terminology. There are countless abbreviations and knitting phrases used in knitting patterns, but as a beginner you will only need to know the most common ones. Knitting Glossary of Common Abbreviations While some knitting patterns include a knitting glossary for those new to reading patterns, not all designers think to include one. If you have … [Read More...]